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Ocean City Inlet - 06 Oct

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I have been thinking quite a lot about going after some more briny species before the "true" fall (i.e., temps less than 75 deg during the day) sets in. So we headed down to Ocean City to fish the inlet pier. The tide would be coming in and would be high tide around 7 pm. So we had a favorable tide to fish. We were going to fish mainly for bottom fish with bloodworms or Fish bites artificial baits with blood worm scent. Livie started with a single rig with a smaller hook. As I was getting the double rig rod baited, Livie got a solid bite and landed the first fish of the afternoon/evening. She was ecstaic landing a northern puffer! Which immediately started to puff up as soon as she began trying to remove the hook. She could not stop giggling while holding this fish. It was her 48th species of the year.


Now I wanted to catch one! so she took over the double rig rod while I fished the single rig rod. I started my day by catching the smallest fish of the day, a baby black sea bass!


I ended up catching one sea bass after another. Livie's first "fish" seemed to drag alone the bottom. It was a horseshoe crab. 


Livie continued her luck fishing by catching a double on some nice spots.


As the tide kept coming in more spot and sea bass were caught. We would switch between rods and I caught a pinfish, which was a first for me landing one on hook and line:D!


Then Livie started catching pinfish which was her 49th species of the year. Folks around us that were fishing minnows were catching snapper bluefish and a couple of speckled trout. We had a great evening. I even ended up catching my own puffer!


Looking forward to heading get back down to the inlet again.


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