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Homemade Tangle Free Trotline Organizer

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Everyone has their technique of keeping their drop lines from getting tangled.  The most common I’ve seen and done over the years, is to simply hang the hook end around   the rim of a bucket.  However, the clip ends will soon tangle and cause a mess as well.   I came up with a solution that has saved me a lot of torment.  I used this most of the summer, and will be making more sets.   Hope this helps everyone else out.   Here's the link:   


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10 hours ago, Daryk Campbell Sr said:

Maybe use a piece of foam between the top of the pipes and the lid to protect in case of tipping over.  Great idea,  thanks for sharing.  

That actually crossed my mind when I made this.  So many people use the foam around the rim like that.   I thought maybe a piece of foam camping mat.  The modifications on this are endless.  Even thought about putting a bucket buddy on this somehow.  I didn't want to get too fancy, because eventually, I'll still have to clean the darn thing.  When I go cat fishing, my gear gets pretty muddy.  Glad you like my idea, my friend!  Hope it helps you out.

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