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11 hours ago, MoCarp said:

why is it a 'threat"? if its an I don't care then why all the negative anti posts? there is work being done on how to manage common carp because of the interest of fishing for commons euro style and fly fishing there is a Carp Anglers Group FB page with 4,000 members and growing as well as numerous regional pages carp anglers FAR out number muskie anglers yet we see more management $ for Muskies nationally. in the past we didn't need much in the way of protection and limits on carp and by default buffalo. Yet the massive harvest of BFing tourneys have devastated formally great trophy carp and buff waters... some heavily BFed waters have also show a decline in some gamefish (we have debated that here as well) sooner or later you will see carp limits in most states

sorry I didn't start this thread and I don't have a proxy ether...I am sure Phil can look into it

You've said that before when you've created a false alias for yourself, it's kind of sad you feel a need to lie about that.  Carp need a better spokesman, because you are not it.  

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6 hours ago, Quillback said:

  Carp need a better spokesman, because you are not it.  

perhaps, but thats why y'all need to jump in to disparage carp fishing

 who was it in OAF posted they couldn't ignore the carp posts because someone might believe it?

may fav quote is ; "if we let MoCarp post about how fun it is to catch carp, pretty soon they (state fisheries) will stat treating them like bass and walleyes"

right now on the Conn river Carp tourney $25,000 is a lot of money to win...for common carp no less



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