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2018 CT Carp Classic Open

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3 hours ago, Bushbeater said:

Apparently they need the management plan, that seems small for a big money derby.

all common carp are released in all these types of tourneys just like bass events, in the  Connecticut River is designated as "Trophy Carp Waters" with a one carp per day creel limit and a 26 inch maximum length for Common Carp. all fish OVER 26" must be released by state regulations

2 hours ago, Flysmallie said:

Do they donate the meat from these tournaments? 

no fish are harvested and the harvest of common carp are limited to one fish and it must be UNDER 26" the state of Connecticut manages the CT river and a few others for Trophy  common carp fisheries...as far as the BFed carp they are typically dumpsterd and dumped in someones field no-one wants to eat any fish they ride in the bottom of a barrel in a hot night with no ice

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here is the rules 


2018 Fishing Factory 3 CT Carp Open


This is a Big Fish and Big 4 Event – ONLY cyprinus carpio count. 

Registration must be paid in full ($400 per person) prior to the draw. 

Limited to the first 50 TEAMS/PEG SPOTS! Max 100 anglers!

Anglers may fish as partners (2 anglers) or individually. This designation must be determined when registering and cannot be changed - once a choice has been made - for the entire event. 

The draw will start at check in with every team drawing a draw order number out of a hat. Whoever draws # 1 will get first draw of peg locations and so on. When their draw order number is called they will draw 2 peg locations from a hat and announce which peg they want to fish. This procedure will progress until all anglers have chosen their pegs. Should an angler opt to choose neither of the drawn pegs, they can return to the end of the line and redraw 2 more pegs and a choice will then be made. Anglers arriving during the draw will wait until the draw is finalized then draw 2 and choose a peg. If a paid angler(s) is not present at the draw a proxy peg will be drawn for them after all anglers have drawn. Angler’s pegs are reserved even if they choose not to fish the full 24/7. 

Moving Day Rule
Starting Friday at 7:00am anglers may move to an unoccupied/open peg. It’s a first come first serve basis. If two teams arrive to declare a peg at the same time, the team which drew last at the initial peg draw will have priority to choose that peg, excluding absentee draws for late peg draw arrivals. This option ends Friday at 5:00pm. No pre-baiting in non-occupied pegs is allowed. Teams or individuals must call in to relinquish their drawn peg and call in to declare their new peg they have moved to.

Anglers need to stay in a relatively close proximity to the peg area, 10-15 yards either side is suggested. CT DEEP, CT State Parks and applicable municipalities rules apply. Special permission has been granted to fish 24/7 in all pegs prior to this event!

Any angler that leaves trash or debris in their swim will receive a lifetime ban from any event in the future and any potential littering or applicable fines will be imposed. All participants are expected to apply good sportsmanship and common sense during this event. Any questions should be asked prior to the peg draw. 

Fish need to be over 21lbs to make the Big 4 board. Anglers need to determine the weight before calling a marshal making sure it will qualify for the Big 4 board. We will be posting updates via the Facebook event group a few times a day for anglers to stay in the know on where they stand.

A potential CT state record will be a priority. 

Peg arrival time on Thursday October 11th is no earlier than 5:00am. 
No baiting or fishing until 8:00am on day 1. 
Plumbing and peg assessment can start upon arrival. 

Half Way to another occupied peg - Peg 1 Peg 2
Draw a straight line 90° - Half way between

General Rules: 
The week prior to the event anglers may not fish or bait up any areas designated as permissible for the event. (Thursday October 4th) Anglers may research, check depths, locations as they choose up until the time of the peg draw on Sunday. All pegs will be marked by noon on Tuesday, October 9th.

All standard rules apply: 
-One hook per rod 
-Fish friendly nets 
-Unhooking mats 
-Fish must be released in good health to be counted
-No open fires 
-Tripods and weigh slings on a peg for weighing procedures. Marshals will have them as well just in case.
-Keep sacks to hold fish for marshals, 1 fish per sack 
-NO boats 
-Personal toilets required in areas that do not have public restroom facilities 
-All sturgeon must be released immediately if caught 
-All tournament staff and their immediate families are not eligible to participate or win any cash or prizes connected in any way.


State Record broken $25,000

Big Fish Winner - $3,500 
Big 4 First Place - $5,000 
Big 4 Second Place - $3,000 
Big 4 Third Place - $2,000 
Big Mirror - $500 

Total Prize Pool: $14,000*

*Minimum amount of anglers is 40 to continue with above payout structure and cover running costs. If 41+ anglers register, then all additional entry money will be divided up evenly amongst Big Fish and Big 4 winners and possibly adding a Big Fantail category. This event will be ran as a nonprofit with all excess entry money getting dumped back into the payout structure. If tournament is canceled, all paid entrants will receive a full refund within 10 days of announcement. 

 The angler determined to establish the new CT state record during the event by the CT DEEP would be the winner of the bonus $25,000. All ties will be decided/broken by the next largest fish captured in all categories. The $25,000 ultimate winner will be subjected to a lie detector test, which is standard procedure for these types of events. CT DEEP officials will know the location of all events participants and will be checking on participants from time to time along with the marshals. Record fish captures require both events marshal (or tournament director) and CT DEEP official present to be eligible!

Cannot participate in the fishing aspects of the competition. They can assist in netting fish, baiting/spombing, and campsite duties only. Tournament staff reserves the right to use photographs and video footage of anglers and the event for any marketing purposes such as media, advertising and social media. 


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water conditions were high from all the rain, fishing was tough, typically more and bigger fish are landed

here are some of the setups used in the tourney




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non-target fish were an issue, typically you need to sack them up so carp have a shot at the hook baits... when they feed they draw in more whiskery fellows.... one of the big issues fishing our lakes you need to learn how to avoid catfish... if you want to catch more cats in our area try euro-angling!!!



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