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Dan the fisherman

Striper action

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After trolling for 3 day I finally figured something out.  The day started out bad when I looked at my bait well and seen all my brooders dead.  So I went on a hunt for shad and after 2 hours I finally had a dozen lovely shad.  I checked several points and channel swings before I found something that looked promising.  I was baiting my 4th rod when I noticed a rod start to load up.  I started to reel till tight then lifted it out of the rod holder.  It was a nice fish, weighed in at 15 pounds and some change.  I continued to fish the area for a couple of hours and hooked up and landed 2 more.  I have my limit!   The sun was beginning to set so I pulled up the live baits and cruised around looking for top water action but nothing came of that.  WT was 66.5 out there today guys.  Make sure to use ur graphs and cover water before u set a line.  Good luck out there fellas and be safe. 




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