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the bass seem to be in limbo

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got out yesterday afternoon back up my way.  fished high and low without too much results.  what bass we did catch were on a spoon.  had 3 keeps and a few dinks and a couple of whites.

loaded up before dark and headed down to the cow creek ramp to get in a little night fishing, and had about the same results.  had 4 keeps, 2 brownies, 1 lmg, and 1 k.  we tried flat stuff, back in coves, bluffs, you name and we tried it.  i did notice lots of bass suspended out in the lake at various depth and that is why they are so hard to come by right now.

the lake started to turn pretty hard with the colder temps, and then it warmed back up and everything has went into the limbo mode.  even though i hate cold weather, that is what we need right now to get out of the limbo mode and back into some more normal patterns.

the good part of the trip was seeing some amazing colors that are appearing here and there, and saw a couple of bald eagles.  and, to add to that, the moon was nice and bright last night.  it was just good to be out and enjoy it all.


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