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David Goddard

Oct. 20-21. Slow but decent

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Made it down to Table Rock again, finally. Hadn't been since August and was excited to fish deep again. I had heard that guys were catching a few shallow, but I figured that with the thermocline broke up and the fish pretty well scattered everywhere that the deep bite would be the most consistent. We didn't get out on the water until like 3 in the afternoon on Saturday and got off fairly soon after that. Put in at Indian point and I had never seen so many fishing boats on the lake before. Caught one on a drop shot in about 25 ft. Sunday we put in at Mill Creek and my buddy's motor threw a rod after running for about 30 seconds so we fished off the tolling motor all day. Caught 3 keepers early shallower. 2 on and underspin and one on a spinnerbait. Coolest part was that it was a largemouth, smallmouth, and spot. Can't do that just anywhere. Then had a bit of a lull but got onto a good group of fish around noon-one o'clock and caught 5 more keepers 1 largemouth and 4 smallies. Smallies were good ones too. All 17-18 inchers. We were catching them mostly on a shakey head with a 4 inch senka on it in trees that topped out in about 25 foot. I'm fishing Truman tomorrow and Saturday and heading back to Table Rock for a long weekend in mid-Nov. Really hoping that there is a good jerk bait bite. I'll let everyone know how Truman goes this week. I think that lake can be very very good but we'll see. Tight lines.





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and the moral to the story of having no motor is you learned a lot about fishing what is in front of you.  many spend to much time running from spot to spot, and could learn a lot more by fishing what is in front of them.  just pretend that the water that is in eye sight is a big pond, and that is all you have to fish.  now go figure out how to catch what is in your pond.  it will make you become a better fish catcher because you will learn how to fish the entire water column not just one part of it.  


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