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Chris King

First Time on the Meramec

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Hello, my Dad and I fished out of Meramec State Park on Sunday. This was our first trip to the Meramec with my Blazer jet boat. We fished the bluffs 1/2 mile above and below the park ramp and had a great day. We started about 1PM and fished till 6PM. We caught smallmouth, largemouth, spotted bass, crappie and goggle eye. My Dad was using a green color small shad rap and I rotated between a 3" white swimbait and a whopper plopper. The best smallmouth we had stalked and devoured the plopper but came off, he was probably 15" or so...all in all, we had about 20 fish for the day. The water was moving pretty good but was a little skinny in spots. We saw one canoe and that was it for the day. Next time, we may try Onondaga or further downstream (St. Clair).


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