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In Branson for Weekend.

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Pickwick fell thru this weekend due to weather. I decided to follow thru with an old plan I have been wanting to do for three years but was interrupted by the cancer. Loaded up boat and wife and drove over yesterday. Got checked in at 5 and run down to Bass Pro. Found a whole new world of shops along the river and we piddled away the rest of the evening down there. Stopped at Mcadoodles and picked up a 6 of Cobra Chaser ale then went back to room.

Heading out for round 2.


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We toured the town this morning.  Went by and meet Phil for the first time and visited with him for a few minutes. I stopped by last trip in 07, but he was out. Nice place.

Took his advice and ate Dannas BBQ for lunch, good eats.  Picked up some fossils at the Fossil Store for the grandkid.

Launched at Indian Point MDC ramp and fished both sides of the point. Tubes, crankbaits, and suspending all failed to bring any action. Caught 1 KY bass. Nice day for a boat ride.

Gonna Wade for trout in morn and head back.


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It turned out to be a one fish weekend.  After a breakfast at Billy Gails, I managed to tweak out another hour of fishing below the dam in Taney.  I walked in at the upper outlet and fish were rising to little dog pecker gnats hatching off.  I flailed the water for a while with some micro dries but could not get a fish.  Polarized glasses were still in truck and the glare was killing me.  The dark bottom of the tailwater rock did not have any contrast to see fish.  I went back to the truck, doing a little dance on a rootwad and about biting the dust.  Fished down to the other outlet switching off to soft hackles and finally a midge nymph.  Tripped over a few fish walking out and almost bit the dust again.  They do like to eat what the waders kick up.

Back on the road, big Bass Pro in Springfield.  Last time I was there was 1998.  It has gotten a little bigger.  Took the 40 year tour upstairs.  Picked up the fishing needs I wanted.  Then I found the NRA museum.  That morphed into the Archery Museum.  I did a flash tour of it, wifey was getting tired of walking.  Every nook and cranny led to something else.  We finally found the old store over by the camping section.  I recognized the cold water fish tank and the underground shooting range.  Need to go back and spend a day there.

Forgot to mention US Guns.  Great gunshop.  I got to visit with those folks on Sat after lunch.  Nice shop, friendly folks, great assortment of all kinds of firearms.  I like the way they arrange handguns by caliber and long guns by type.  Killed an hour there.  Found stuff I had not seen in a long time.

I could retire in this area and have enough to do for the rest of my life.  So many things to see and do. 

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