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David Goddard

Bass Fishing Bite was Very Good 10-25 & 10-27

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Got down to Truman Thursday morning last week at about 7:30 and put in at Shawnee bend. It was a perfect day to fish in my opinion. Nice and cloudy with a little wind. My partner and I ran back all the way in a smaller creek and caught 3 keepers in about 15 minutes. 2 on a buzz bait and 1 flipping a beaver. The fish were way back in the flooded "grass." I call it buck brush but I don't know what it actually is. We ran that pattern all day and caught 9 keepers Thursday. Unfortunately, "all day" meant until about 1:30 since my buddy's motor started acting up. We had 18.14 pounds for our biggest 5. As fishing stories always go, I lost like a 5 pounder on a buzzer that got me all wrapped up in the brush. If I had caught that fish we would've had over 20 for sure.

Saturday we took off for the 3rd Mizzou Bass Fishing club tournament of the year at 7:30 from Shawnee Bend. Almost immediately I noticed that the lake had dropped at least 2 feet. Most of the stuff that we wanted to fish was out of the water or in just inches. We ran around and looked for brush closer to the main lake thinking that the fish might've pulled out. We did catch 6 keepers, but the quality was not the same and the bite was not nearly as good. Did scrape together 12 pounds for our biggest 5. The bite was the same though. Buzz bait in the morning or if its cloudy, spinnerbait, and flipping where the brush is really thick. All in all I think Truman is a super fun place to fish in the fall. The stained water seems to keep the fish shallow and they don't get near the pressure that the LOZ fish get. Ill 100% be back. Especially if the water is high again.






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21 hours ago, navery said:

That's a pretty deep v in the background,lol. I was putting in as you guys were snapping pics. 

I found some hybrids with biggest going right at 12 lbs. 

Truman is definitely an amazing lake!


That is awesome! We were gawking at your R2D2 of a trolling motor as you put in lol

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