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TR for upcoming weekend. 11-2 thru 11-5

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8 hours ago, JestersHK said:

Night 3 begins... Hoping that rain got them fired up. 

Marty I don't know how many more years left of this before I slow down lol.  Gotta get after them while I still can. :)


Keep tearing them up. You just may have to figure out a safe night trip on the White and drag @BilletHead and myself out of bed to fish with you😌 down at jigfest.

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Well finally made it back home.  Started off last night early and there was about a half unit going I think.  Caught a few small ones up by the dam with the flow then it shut off so I took a break to let things settle down.

Met a guy from Kansas and we chatted for a bit.  Was his first time down so i tried to show him around in the dark lol.

We went up by rebar and past, but they really slowed down last night for me at least.

CLoyd told me to go smaller and sure enough they responded better.  Smaller lures on slow retrieve was what they preferred.

Did catch a few small ones and a pair of smaller brownies.  Had one average bow too, but nothing big.

With hunting coming up prolly won't get back down till mid or late December.  Hoping JigFest can hold me over till then lol




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