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Aqua Therapy

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It had been a month and a half or so since I’d chased a river smallmouth and withdrawl was more than set in.  It’s been a long tough harvest season that still isn’t quite over, but the recent rains gave a chance today to sneak off to the river after picking my boat up at polar bluff from getting a fish finder worked on.   I decided to try the boat out at van buren as I had brought a few rods with me.   Man the fall colors are in full swing here in the southern Ozarks, current river was a beautiful sight.  I didn’t fish very long maybe an hour and a half, but the smallies where active.  Caught a good bite in a couple spots.  One in current and one in slower water.  I’d say some are transitioning over!  Looking forward to my winter fishing after harvest is over.  Today was a nice couple hours of aqua therapy.   I always say one day a week on the river would add years to our lives.  





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