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Orvis Wader Repair

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Went fishing yesterday and enjoyed reeling in two bows that were over 14 inches and I was the only one pulling in trout that day.

However, an issue has occurred. It was discovered that my waders have a few major leaks, not quite baptism level but enough for some squishy socks.

I've made some minor repairs to them in the past but these waders just need to be fully sealed again.

Does anyone know if Orvis repairs them?

Has anyone ever used their services?

Their website was down this morning or I'd be searching up their site for information. 

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9 hours ago, jdmidwest said:

They have a pro rated. 4 year warranty. I think. Aquaseal works good or the repair kit they put in the box is your best bet at that age.

I've used Aquaseal on them before and it has worked well, but these leaks are on a whole new level.

Tjm, I figured it wouldn't be under warranty. What I was curious about is if I could pay to have them resealed professionally.

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1 (888) 235-9763

I walked into the KC Orvis store several years ago and told the guy I had dropped my Battenkill reel and broke off the knob. He went in back, grabbed a new spool and handed it to me -- no charge. I wasn't trying to get something for nothing -- looking for information on options. You might be surprised what they'll tell you if you call.

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If you followed the above link;


f you would prefer to have one of our experienced wader repair specialists evaluate and repair your waders, please contact our Rod and Tackle Team at 800-548-9548 to set up a repair, or use our convenient wader repair request form. We will do everything possible to repair them for a reasonable fee of $40.00 and return them to you quickly. If your waders are not repairable, one of our team members will contact you to discuss replacement options.


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