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Cape Fair - up Flat 11/3

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I dropped in at sun up and it was chilly, cloudy and breezy. Started with a buzzbait and never had a sniff. Tossed a Rock Crawler for another 20 minutes with nothing to show for it and a hodge podge of other stuff that did me no good. So I decided to run up Flat Creek. Water was 55.5 degrees when I decided I found a place I wanted to try. I tied on a jarkbait thinking "what the heck". And I am glad I did. Caught around 15 total but all were short of keeper length I believe. Still a great time. For living right on the water - I sure don' get out enough. Thanks for reading.





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Can't believe you caught any on that Sexy Cartoon color McStick. Fish must be a lot dumber up river than they are down by the dam.

Thanks for the report. 55 degrees.....getting down there eh?

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