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Steve McBasser

Annual Fall Camping/Fishing trip to Stockton 11/1-11/3

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For the last 8 years in a row,  the guys in my Sunday School class have done a fall camping and fishing trip to Stockton. On Halloween day some of us went up early and set up camp so when we got there on Thursday we could go right straight to fishing. The weather was cold, rainy, and blustery, so several of the guys stayed home Thursday,  hoping for better weather on Friday and Saturday. Gary and I are pretty hard core, so we went on up and commenced to fishing at about noon. The first hour and a half we skunked out so we decided to find something different. The second spot paid off good and we put several nice, chunky bass in the boat. We were planning a big fish fry Friday night so we kept what we caught. After the bass played out we decided to run out onto the flats and see if we could find some of the whites. That turned out to be a good move too as we immediately began catching those big sow whites. Just as we were packing it in for the day, and heading back toward the ramp, the sun popped out and set the fall trees ablaze....it was awesome. Gary and I thought we were the only ones that braved the weather but as we pulled up from the ramp toward the camp ground, we saw two of our buddies pulling in too. They had been to CC all day and had thrashed the whites pretty good too. So....the 4 of us had our Friday night fish fry for 14 guys coved already.  Friday morning started out with a hard rain and we thought we were in for another soggy day. But the rain passed quickly and left us with a heavy overcast and a strong breeze. As the rain quit some of the other guys started showing up so we shuffled things up a little bit and paired up different guys to fish together. My Sunday School buddies don't get to fish that much so we were just looking for lots of bites. We went back out on the flats and by this time the wind was howling pretty good. It generated an awesome bite from the whites so we stayed with them all day. Its a good thing we were just playing catch a release or I would still be there cleaning fish. That evening we had an awesome fish fry. Saturday some of the guys had to head back to town so we shook things up again and I wound up fishing with a guy I had never fished with before. We went back to the spot where we had caught them Friday but I had bragged too much about where we had caught them so there were a couple of boats already on it when we got there. We let them have that spot and we headed up river a couple of miles. OH MY GOSH!!! We found the mother load of the big whites and they were chewing hard. We caught a couple of limits apiece, easy. We had doubles on 6 times. Wow....what a trip.












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