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This is my favorite time of year to fish Taneycomo...  hardly anyone fishing, the bigger trout just seem to come out from hiding, spawning browns and rainbows... but it's COLD!  Just have to push through and bear it.

Got out yesterday afternoon with a couple of friends from OK.  No water running, we boated up past the Narrows about 500 yards and started there.  The wind was blowing pretty good out of the north so good chop and fish were very active.  Midges were coming off and they were hammering them on the surface.  But I wanted to throw scuds.

I tied up a half dozen #12 mink scuds, 3769 hook with 8 wraps of .015 lead.  That's what has been working and they liked them still.  The takes were not light, they'd take off with it. 

By the time we worked down to the top of the Narrows, the wind had died some - the sun was dropping behind the trees on the west bank.  But the rainbows were being even more aggressive.  Me and John were using our fly rods but Steve still had his spin cast rigged with a big carrot float and a sculpin jig/orange head about 3 feet deep.  But under that, he tied a mink scud about 2 feet from the jig and winged it out to the far side of the channel.

I'd been lecturing John about not casting too far out so that he could see the light bite... too far and you couldn't see it.  But Steve's was way out there - but it didn't matter.  Those fish were yanking the float under and he was catching some big trout!!  We had 2 nice ones in a row - a 18- then a 19-inch rainbow, both in dark spawning colors.

Most of the rainbows we caught were far from stockers... chunky and good colors.  And fought very hard.

So we are looking forward to this winter, off season on Taneycomo.  Hopefully we'll move out of the deep freeze so it'll be alittle more bearable to get out and fish.

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I will be down Saturday also, looks like we are catching the tail end of the nice weather though.  Debating on bringing the boat or just wading.

Phil-  You throwing 5x or 6x leaders right now for your Mink Scuds?  I need to get some more of those Scuplin/orange head jigs also, only picked up a few last time and when my daughter is throwing spinning gear they seem to be about the best option.

Asking now in case Jackson is in the shop Sat when we get there.  Its hard to talk fishing tactics and tips with your people when the seven year old spots the dog and wants to play.  Keep telling her if I get thrown out of there because of her its coming out of her college fund!!!


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39 minutes ago, blacknoseddace said:

Phil, I tied up some of your mink scuds and caught a nice bow at the rebar hole today.  Not much wind today, but still cold.


Alright!  But they're @Rolan Duffield 's mink scuds.

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