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Shot my personal best deer.

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While not a MO deer I do hang out here on the forum so thought I would share my personal best deer. I shot this one in Nebraska.

After seeing this guy Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and not being able to get a shot; he finally gave me an opportunity Wednesday. My personal best by far!




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It is 7x6 typical and 9x7 with the extra junk.

Me and a buddy are definitely not official scorers but we try our best to follow the Boone and Crocket guide to try and do it as accurate as possible.
With that said we came up with 209 gross. Not sure what the 'net' score would be as we say 'nets are for fishing; not scoring deer'. 
I will eventually have this one officially scored but it will be a while.

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In an effort for full disclosure on the scoring:  

 I had the deer officially green scored today. I feel stupid as I made a mistake. When scoring a deer you only get the first 4 mass measurements per side and I thought you got all the mass measurements between all the points.

With that said the deer officially gross scored 198 5/8ths; so the extra mass measurements that are not allowed added up to 10 3/8ths that I stupidly added that I shouldn't have. 
All my other measurements were right on the money.

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