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Shot my personal best deer.

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14 hours ago, magicwormman said:

Very nice Hunter! The only problem now, is how to you ever improve on that? Congratulations on a great buck!

I have already resigned that I will never shoot a bigger deer unfortunately. 

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6 minutes ago, Hunter53 said:

Oh I will never give up and always keep hunting. Reality is that will more than likely be the biggest deer I ever get.

There is such a thing as being satisfied.  That doesn't mean stop hunting but you don't have to strive to top one like that.  What a deer!


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Got a call from taxidermist that my wife's open in day buck was ready to pick up.  Took me a couple days to be able to go get it but here it is.  Pretty good buck for around here.  Seems like it was an odd year here.  Folks that are usually covered up in deer saw very few, my wife usually sees some but not a lot, this she saw deer every day she sat but one and made good on all of the days she did see them.  They are a little spookiest now (wonder why) but am still seeing my resident doe and 2 fawns that have been spending the daylight hurt in a patch of buck brush less than 1/4 acre in size and only coming out at night now.  Smart old doe, would probably have cost her one of the kids if she came out in the daylight.  All are safe now I have taken away her rifle and ammo.

2018-11-24 11.34.55.jpg

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