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Came down Wednesday afternoon, headed out after some whites with no luck on the banks, seen gulls going after Shad so headed across the lakes & caught a limit of nice ones in aboutb30-40 minutes throwing a 1/4 oz lipless crank bait. Went back Thursday late morning and early afternoon and started finding them on banks, went back to where I caught them the day before and fished the adjacent banks and caught another limit, after a bit I started culling fish there were so many stacked on the banks. Caught all them on a 1/4 oz vibric spinner. All in Indian Creek. Had a blast, sitting in a deer stand now. Good luck

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I ran out for a quick check this afternoon, up here around the access, just to see if they were patrolling the usual spots.   Caught 7-8 short green bass right away but not a single White.   

I'll get a little more serious about it after all my obligations are filled.  Glad you found a mess.  👍

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3 hours ago, 96 CHAMP said:

Any idea at what water temp the whites head out to their wintering grounds, I’m thinking once it gets below 50. ??

I know that they can still be found roaming the shallow flats more than 2 miles from what I consider "deep water" at 42° 

If shad are present then the Whites and LM are probably there also.  Catching them on a fierce bite is a chance deal though.....Hit it just right and you can load up on them.   

Always seems to be on those nasty days when you'd rather just stay home and sit by the fireplace.😊

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