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Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

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Not much to report unfortunately.  I am trying to figure out how to catch fish deep so I stayed comitted to trying it with zero to show for it.  On the water at 7.  Off at 11.  WT 52-54.  Hit the main point at Viney and marked fish- also marked a mother load of shad halfway back in Viney.  Stuck with spoons, a jig, and a swimmer with no luck.  Figuring out how to stay on the fish we were marking was a real battle.  BUT it was my first time out with the new Lowrance Hook2 splitshot and I couldn’t be happier with it. In lieu of grip and grins- please see attached sonar images.   No fish but fun day trying to learn something new and using the new electronics.  

If I remember correctly- I think this is the hump right by the boat ramp at BigM-.



Halfway back in Viney- middle of the channel




Main point of Viney- fish suspended over 52 ft


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Bferg - I noticed the same thing except I was out yesterday....a beautiful day for sure but I only caught one smallie on the Ned after trying to grab the bass on the spoon and or a jig....just no love. 



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2 hours ago, Quillback said:

Did you see any bass around those shad?

i see one at 35 ft.


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Bo, that is the only fish I saw in the pic's also.  Son and I went out for 3 hrs. TG morning and had 18, all keeps, dragging the big jig deep. 

He was the photographer and from what you see you know how he did.   Only took 2 pictures and no screen shots but he messed that up, 

 Tons of shad in Long Creek but the bass are not relating to them.   Mostly on the bottom Thursday and quite a bit deeper in the 54 ft. range.  We caught some on a Ice jig and spoon also, but they are really liking the same big Pig Sticker jig with the Big Nicholes Craw I was fishing this Fall.


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I’ve spoken to Bo about this before....I’m puzzled why I haven’t seen many bigger smallmouth taken out of Table Rock over the last ten years. Has something happened to the fishery in your opinions? You would think a 6 pounder would get weighed in with all of these tournaments all year long. I guess the lake ain’t what it used to be and we are living the new normal? 

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