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Quick Trip to Big M- day after thanksgiving

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21 hours ago, Devan S. said:

The fact of the matter is the masses don't give a rip about the fish in the least. They care about being able to brag about how good they are and all the fish they caught, the couple hundred dollar check they won, standing on stage holding their big bass, and once they put that fish back into the return tank they could care less if that fish lives or dies. If it were any other way there wouldn't be tournaments during the spawn, there wouldn't be any format in which fish are drug all over the lake, fishermen would hold each other accountable for delayed mortality at tournaments, and their wouldn't be guys sight fishing during the spawn.  

There it is, folks. Every word truth. 

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Just a quick weigh in on a very broad thread. Bass are very prone to bite artificial lures which makes it such a cash cow with so many baits to tout. Very few tourney anglers win enough to support themselves but many can exist with all the baits to sell. Tourney anglers also do a poor job on protecting the very thing that makes their living. Only on MLF is the fish release a concern. I see so many shows where a bass is tossed 3' carelessly in the water after being horsed into the boat, face pounded to remove the jig, held by the jaw for a pic, and kissed on the head. JMO

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Or the TV guru that holds the fish out of the water for what seems like forever while he bloviates on how he caught and how great he is.  I hate to say it but the Linder's are bad about that.

Actually, once you watch MLF it really stands out how poorly fish are handled on other shows.  The salt water guys do a better job overall than most I think.

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