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11/25 short report

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Put in at the Branson camp ground ramp around 11:30, still space for 4 or 5 rigs which surprised me given how nice the weather was.

Summary....Lots of boats, lots of people, plenty of fish being caught.  Watched bait dunkers and trollers both catching fish steadily.  Caught ours on spinners retrieved medium fast over submerged weeds.  50/50 between little silver bullets and nicer sized darker colored fish.

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I was surprised how many guys were trolling up in the Trophy area last week-  Motor to the cable and drift down.  I didn't see them catching much, not sure what they were using either though.  Guys throwing jigs were doing okay most of the time, but especially early.  

I was down by the ramp wading Wednesday and a Guide had guys on fish right below there for a while until the whistle went off and we all headed out.  They were throwing midges under indicators and taking their time.  Like Phil told me, great conditions for using a boat........     

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