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linda and i got out saturday from mid-day to 3:30.  spent quite a bit of time looking, but found them a bunch deeper than they were.  ended up with a dozen keepers and all the bites were in the 60 ft. zone.  linda had a 3 lb. plus for the biggest one.  pic is on her phone.  spoon and swimmer still doing all the catching.  got out this afternoon with leonard and we spent a lot of time looking.  the shad schools were pretty busted up, but we just kept looking and finally found some wadded up.  we caught a lot of keepers and the better ones were near the bottom 60 to 65 feet deep.  Chartreuse ZincSoon and a 1oz. GrassJig with a 4" swimmer was the trick this afternoon.  our best five weighed an easy 20 lbs.





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This past summer was the best I have done in several years in terms of big fish and numbers of them. I fished deeper and found them bunched up. Fishing jigging spoons/flutter spoons. Just like Bo has said, I did alot of looking and found the buffet. 

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