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Deer Story

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Years ago, in the main lake, in front of Emerald Pointe, I came across a doe swimming across the lake one morning.  I didn’t know if she was fleeing from a hunter or a buck, but the lake is wide there and it would have been a long swim.

I love being on the lake early in the morning!

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When I lived in the Newport RI area (long ago USN days) deer swam about a mile from a peninsula of the MA mainland to the island most evenings to eat in the truck gardens and landscapers gardens of Portsmouth and swam back in the mornings, seen that many times, maybe 15-20 deer in the water at a time. On the other side of Aquidneck Island, in the Bay there are some uninhabited islands and one of them had deer that regularly swam to Aquidneck. Deer swimming isn't that unusual in my mind, I've several places where they swam across rivers,  but I always wondered how/why those MA deer got started making that long crossing.

That said the feeding by hand of  a wild buck, the deer being terrified at the start but remaining in the same exact spot for several days and "recognizing" the guy all sound made up. A lot of, maybe most,  livestock won't approach and eat out of your hand, to think  a deer would is mind boggling. Ever think that a bass recognized you?

For that matter a mixed herd does and bucks is rather out of the ordinary and there is no way to tell if  they are "young" unless they still have spots, in which case it would be difficult to tell bucks from does.

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