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Jigfest 2018 now Taneyfest 2018 due to weather...

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So with some less than desirable water conditions, and the snow and ice predicitions, the group made the call to postpone Jigfest on the White river till February.  A handful were already down there and are going to tough it out,(and likely now have no snow and perfect water) but the rest of us decided to try our luck at Taney.  Ham said to start a thread here and Phil has room to accomodate us on short notice (Thanks Phil!) so we will be staying at his place! 

Figure we can use this thread for coordination,  Whos coming?  When you gonna be there?  Have a boat or no? Whatcha bringing to eat? 

Here's what I got so far

@Johnsfolly - Friday afternoon - No Boat - Fried mushrooms and fish?

@Daryk Campbell Sr - Friday afternoon - ? boat - ? food

@Ham - ? - Has boat I assume - ? food

@grizwilson - ? - Not sure on boat - Fried mushrooms and fish? 

@Terrierman - ? - ? - ? sorry Rick LOL

Myself - Thursday evening - No boat - Desserts and Muffins

FMCBrandon - Thursday evening - No boat - Baked beans, Chips and Dip, Crockpot

Geno - Thursday evening - No boat - ? whatever we need

Brandon - Thursday evening - No boat - ? whatever we need

@BilletHead - Come on Marty! - Maybe Boat - Something delicious to go with already supplied BBQ sauce

@duckydoty - Already there :P - Shoal Hopper 2? - Deer nachos and Walters!

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I have a 14 foot boat option with 9.8HP possible if it would be big enough.  I can shop for food.   Just let me know what to bring.  

I am willing to share the cost of a rental boat.   

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Confirmed Friday morning/early afternoon;

no boat;

looking to bring mushrooms, batter for frying on Friday night. I have limited options for cooking here in Columbia, but I can also bring plastic utensils, paper plates, paper towels

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7 minutes ago, duckydoty said:

I can fish early Friday, and Saturday . Have room for 3 in the boat. Can only fish till about 10-10:30 each morning 

Would love to fish with you Sat morning.

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10 minutes ago, Ham said:

Friday morning. 

Boat 2 seats. 

Will fish Friday and Saturday.

Likely going off the reservation Sunday


Let me know if you are willing to put up with me for a half day Friday after I get down to Phil's.

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