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2019 Taneyfest

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3 minutes ago, Haris122 said:

How long did that big brown take you guys to bring in?

I'll say it took less than 10 minutes to get him to hand.  Prolly closer to 7 or 8 for me.  He got the jerk bait right on a ledge of a drop off where it goes from 2feet deep to about 8 inches of water, and I was able to get him into the skinny water pretty quickly. 

We were both running 10lb braid, but the ultralight rods were bout bent in half!  They both held though, 5 foot Berkley cherry wood lol, not even my usual St.croix buggy whips.  Brandon had a 5'6 pfleuger combo lol.  Got the job done though.

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It was really a treat to see what happened last night. My first night ever night fishing while wading. DJ promise me at least one fish, but I ended up catching 6 and losing a couple. The food last night was nothing short of Awesome. Everyone chipped in helped out in their own way and the company was amazing. This is my first chance to spend the weekend with a bunch of fishermen. I could not be any happier. Today I went out with Griz, he put me on some fish. I believe I landed 5 rainbows one being a cut-bow.  We seen a couple large ones swimming around just couldn't catch them. DJ Brandon and I went out this afternoon DJ hooked into a very nice Brown but it broke his line with it's teeth. I'm going to try to post some photos to follow.




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I had the pleasure of fishing with Ham and John this morning. Our goal was a brown for John. We made that happen on the jerk baits under tough conditions of wind and cold. We took the boat up the lake further than anyone probably should when the water is off and caught a few more on jigs.   Great time!  Now for some shaved deer nachos!



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