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Phil Lilley

2019 Taneyfest

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Man its Sunday already...

I've been light on posts since the night of the sea monster, and I think I've only caught a few fish since then lol.

I didn't really sleep after Friday night catching that brownie, and my cold had me up the night before so I was dragging...  Geno was broken down too so him and I skipped Saturday morning and took it easy for a minute. 

I went out with Brandon and Daryk into the windy cold in the afternoon but we didn't wander too far from the dock.  I did hook a nice brown that broke me off jigging up between Phil's and cooper creek.  After that I was skunked.

We motored back in and allegedly someone said I may have taken a nap on the couch... I don't believe it, but I blame it on this head cold if it happened lol. 

Dinner was fantastic! Duane's nachos were amazing, and Les had cowboy caviar, stuffed mushrooms, and he put the MartyQ together along with some cheese dip brandon made.

Had a great meal again with great company and friends.  Stories we're told and many laughs were shared. I'll let the others share there night adventures from last night.   I went but really just to hang out with everyone. My heart and head weren't in the game lol but it was still a great night on the water despite missing a bunch of fish...

Gonna get up and show Daryk around the trophy area in the daylight... we'll see if we can get just a few more to hand. 

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12 hours ago, duckydoty said:

I left two boxes of goodies in Hams boat for you guys this morning.  Enjoy!

Holy smokes Duane! We found the boxes this morning. Thank you very much. Now I have to keep them color coordinated😌

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I went up to fish the outlets this morning, went just to left of Outlet 2. I was throwing the jerkbait that I've been throwing most of the weekend thank you DJ. I caught a decent size rainbow. I threw it for a little while longer, but could not land anything. It then occurred to me that this is jig Fest and I have not caught a trout on a jig. I switched over to a peach and sculpin color jig I got from the marina at Lillie' s. I continue to try to fish it got a couple bites but could not bring them in. I moved up by Outlet one and one of the holes near a tree in the water. I work around the tree to no avail. Near this tree I did find a jerkbait rainbow painted. I got it out it had a lot of line on it. I decided to see what brand it was look underneath it and what do I find but Duane Doty 2018 @duckydoty.  After calling @JestersHK to verify he I did not lose one oh, he explained to me that Dwayne broke off. So now I have a cherished lure. After finding said lure, I continue to fish my jig. I landed mine Rainbow on a jig for Jigfest. Upon showing pictures to my family, I seen that I already had caught a rainbow trout on a jig the first day. So therefore I have two fish on Jigs.  Thanks so much again to Phil, Duane, and all the others who made this weekend possible. I had an excellent time with all of you all.  I cannot wait for February.

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