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David Goddard

Shallow Bite Continues 12-8-18

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Well since last weekend was so fun I decided that I would brave the cold and try my same shallow bite on main lake points with square bills on Saturday. It was like 15 degrees when a buddy of mine from Minnesota and I showed up at Coffman. He was pretty excited to be fishing open water in December. We put in and fished down towards Shawnee bend and caught good fish. We caught 12 keepers, four of which were largemouth. Caught them on main lake points and secondary points which stuck out far and had a creek channel swing up against it. We would've had like 16 or 17 pounds accept I lost two nice fish at the boat. One that was in the 5-6 pound class and a 3-3.5 pounder. Smaller square bills are still key but probably also the reason why I lost those two good fish. Small treble hooks can be very frustrating. Still a fun day. That biggest spot was 2.86 pounds so at least there's that. Tuesday I am planning on trying to run this pattern around PB#2. Hoping to catch more bigger largemouth. Retreads or otherwise I don't discriminate. Tight lines everyone.


Screenshot_20181208-161400_Video Player.jpg

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18 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

Not too shabby.   

What did y'all do,  relocate them to Coffman or have a fish fry?

We relocated them to coffman. My buddy wanted a good pic to show is friends that were ice fishing since hes never open water fished in December before lol

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15 hours ago, shrapnel said:

Minds sharing what pattern squarebill you were catching them on?

The Rapala BX Brat that drives to 6 ft in a shad color.

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