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Eked one out...

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Was working around the new cabin on the Meramec, but it was just too nice a day not to wet a line at least a bit.  I had the boat there, so I drove to the nearest access and put in about 1:30 PM.  I wasn't holding out much hope; water clarity was close to eight feet, and that's way too clear.  And I knew the water would be cold.  Sure enough, temp gauge said 37 degrees.  A degree or two can be critical when it gets that cold.  I feel like I can catch a few fish at 38 degrees and above, but below 38 it gets really tough.  But the pool I planned to fish was open to the sun with a west-facing bluff, so hopefully the rocks would be soaking up a bit of sun and maybe be a degree or two warmer.

Still, I just don't have much confidence under those conditions.  I figured I might get a few on a hair jig, but for whatever reason, I have more confidence in jerkbaits in ultra-clear water.  So I had my hair jig rod and jerkbait rod out.

I stopped at a smaller pool that has one spot, about the size of the average living room, that has produced winter fish in the past.  It is barely 8 feet at the deepest but has one big log that gives cover for a few fish.  I fished the rocks above the log with the jerkbait, nothing.  Fished the log, nothing.  Right below the log, the water begins to shallow out to about 5-6 feet, and I thought I'd make one cast there in case there was a fish roaming.  Bingo.  A nice 16 incher.  Well, I wasn't skunked.

Then I started fishing the big pool.  Jerkbaits, nothing.  Hair jigs through the heart of the pool, nothing.  I mean nothing that even MIGHT have been a bite.  More jerkbaits.  Hair jigs in slack water at the lower end.  Absolutely nothing.  The sun was getting low and the wind was getting chilly, so I gave up.  

But one fish is better than none.

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