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Large-Scale Habitat Project on Norfork Lake

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Over the past two weeks, 40 AGFC and 3 USFWS employees participated in a large-scale habitat project to replenish existing natural brush piles throughout Norfork Lake. Due to the hard work of these men and women, 155 of the 169 existing sites were replenished and 4 new sites were established. The remaining 14 existing sites, which are all north of Cranfield except for one in Pigeon Creek, will be replenished after the first of the year. Also, we anticipate establishing new sites in a couple of the major creek arms (Pigeon Creek, Bennett’s Bayou, and Big/Brushy Creek). These sites will be placed in shallower water than the existing sites.

The brush pile coordinates for Norfork Lake are currently available at https://www.agfc.com/en/fishing/where-fish/fish-attractors/. After the first of the year, you can also contact me in the Mountain Home office (1-877-425-7577 or Jeremy.Risley@agfc.ar.gov) for assistance with obtaining this data. I can load this data onto your SD card or directly to your sonar.

I want to express my gratitude to the participants for their hard work and for sacrificing as much as a week away from their families to improve the fish habitat in Norfork Lake.


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