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snagged in outlet 3

Trout at Lake 28 today

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46 minutes ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

If you've ever been to Busch in the summer you might change your mind.  The place gets absolutely pounded in the "regular" season.  When they stock catfish the banks are (were) lined with people.  I haven't been over there in the summer in years because of all the peeps.  I agree hauling trout around is a waste of money.  Just dump the things in the stream near the hatchery and be done with it. 

Some of the lakes at Busch are actually very nice, clean, rocky lakes.  I think they would be better served to take convert a couple ponds to hatchery operations to grow cats and bass to release there.  But hey....That's just me.

I don't know anything about warm water hatcheries but the idea of converting or establishing one at Bushes sounds like a great idea.  They could also supply some of the urban area ponds.



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A little hatchery pond or ponds would be a cool attraction up at Busch, no doubt. How they'd find a solution to people sneaking into there to fish those ponds, seems like the challenging part, cause they don't seem to have a lot of people working there to monitor it. Guess if they made the first lake or lakes by the entrance, also fish stocking ponds, as opposed to just a waterfowl refuge, that could work, as they're already off limits.

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