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1st Spey Clinic put on by Lilley’s Landing

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Wanted to give a short review of the spey casting class / clinic that Phil Lilley put on this last week on the 14th and 15th. I was unsure of best place to post this so feel free to move but I wanted more to see it.

I was one of the small group of people that took the class and I really enjoyed it. Phil did a great job of organizing this event, had all the great gear ready for you to use and John McCloskey and son Micah did a very detailed two full days of class. John did the first half day intro to spey in classroom setting and covered everything A to Z. We moved straight to the water and started. Back to the water on day two all day long! John and Micah know their stuff and are willing to work hard to make sure you had the basic fundamentals down on three spay casts so you could fish and continue to refine your form. Some picked it up faster than others but by noon on day two we were all shooting line and doing 60 to 70 foot casts (some even more) with the 4wt trout/micro spey rods and reels with skagit style heads. I hope Phil continues to offer this spey clinic as it’s the only one in our area of the country. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone wanting to learn two handed casting, the equipment and applications of swinging flies. Spey casting is very easy on the body compared to single hand casting and has many applications depending on line, head and tip combinations. Great spey clinic Phil ! Thanks for putting it on and please keep it going.



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