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STL area breakfast/lunch group

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I would be interested but a happy hour would work better for my work schedule.  Not that alcohol has to be involved just the time of day.  I can bug out of work almost any day by 3 PM but mornings and lunch are difficult to get away without leaving something hanging or worse yet having to work while I'm there at the breakfast or lunch.

Just a thought and if it's breakfast or lunch I'll try and make it.

St Charles BTW.  Not sure where everyone else is located.

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13 hours ago, Gavin said:

Any interest in a breakfast/lunch group? Once a month, once a quarter might be fun. Get together and BS for awhile and fill your belly.

Next week after Xmas I'll have plenty of time to meet up.  It's dead in here until the new year.

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2 minutes ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

I thin k 6 would you get you to St Charles County, 7 to St Louis County.   Prolly need snacks for a trip like that.:D

Yeah I really wanna join the club, but I'd have to leave right after supper the night before, rent a motel room, locate a kind hooker, and all that nonsense.   

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