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Off Topic Christmas Spending

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2 hours ago, fishinwrench said:

never seen 6000 rpm.  Neither do chainsaws ....

Most chainsaws I've owned ran 9000-14000 rpm regularly. At least a few minutes at every start up, and at every cut through 12k+ is common on the Stihls I've used wot bar and chain no load.  Or at least the mechanic said that's what they did. I read some line trimmer specs that said 9600 wot with loaded head. iirc husky saws  run in the 9-10k range and stihl runs 12-13k  My saws no longer get daily use there were years when a saw would see 1000-1500 hours in a year.  A saw or trimmer is wot or off so 6000 is below par and I would ask for my money back.

My truck, you're right it seldom goes over 3800.

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By golly you're correct.  Somewhere along the line I was told that a single cylinder 2-stroke would inevitably detonate at anything above 7000, so I assumed that chainsaws and weedeaters were tuned at about 4500.

Apparently I misunderstood or was told wrong.  14,000 is common according to Google.   That's pretty amazing when you think about it.  Can you even imagine the centrifugal force on that aluminum wrist pin hole if it failed to spark at 14k ?     Wow!   One misfire and there's no way that piston is staying connected to the rod.  I'm surprised that you don't see chainsaws blow up like hand grenades on a daily basis.

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Not sure how that would be different than hitting the kill switch, but another interesting thing is some saws are timed so near TDC that they can start and run backwards, brother and his buddy both had Jonsereds do that.  Stihl won't fire at all if the crank speed is too low- think it's 900rpm  to fire the the things, was told this was to prevent running backwards.  The saw racing guys lean them out, gut the mufflers and port the exhaust and get a few thousand more rpm, I don't know what  the fly apart speed is but it's greater than I used to think.

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Bill - thanks for the fishing history stories, I really enjoy hearing about how things get started and the history of why we have what we have today - please don't stop sharing....very few things are the same today as they were then.

Even how we spend out $$$ on Christmas....one of my best spending memories happened yesterday when I picked up my two grand kids (Boy age 6 & girl age 😎 since they didn't have school and mom & dad had to work...

I typed out an agenda for the day....first was playing the quiet game, this one failed 😏 next was a trip to Cabela's to see Santa, this was an adventure in itself...the pictures were a bit costly, but a memory locked in time ☺️

Then the second greatest sacrifice of all time.....I took them to see the new Mary Poppins! 😐 We debated for hours about which one to see....as you can imagine my grandson did not want to see it.

My grandson and I were as fidgety as could be but my grand daughter sat there watching that movie in awe....that made my heart smile.....

Then we went home and had to tell G-Ma about the days events....each one excitingly trying to talk over the other....then the three of us sat in front of the TV as I had hooked up an old video game .....one was on my left and the other on my right...yeah that was $$$$ spent today, not a lot, that wasn't planned or budgeted but darn well worth it.

Heck I might even consider selling a few lures if that is what it takes to make those kind of memories again.  ☺️    

Merry Christmas all....



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