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Bill Babler

Christmas Eve Shell Knob

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Just a quick how-t-do.  

Kind of like Sprint had in the Kings a day ago, the bite main lake Knob was out of site if you could get any wind, even a puff.  Launched at the bridge and fished from Play Port to San Succi on the main lake.  Started with a custom Tim Hughes Pearl megabass and they were not having it.  Water is easy 15' to 20' visibility.  Really clear.  Switched to a mega bass in clear Pro-blue and a Spro  McStickin in Blue bandit and it didn't matter you were going to get bit.

Nothing of size what so ever but a dozen swimmer keeps and many more both LM and K's on the jerker.  Did not seem to matter the bank as long as it had a chop on it.  As soon as the wind would die, so would the bite.  Had to hop scotch around chasing it.

Most all the fish were under 15" and I was not working it slow, just a constant short head turn on a continual basis.  Bite was a strong thump and not a cold water hand shake.

Started at 10 and quit at 3,  and they were still biting on the wind.  I did have a really nice chunky bank that I caught 5 fish in 5 cast on the jerker so I went back down it with the RK Crawler and no love.  Picked up the McStick and caught one on the first cast.

Not going to win a derby with my fish today, but just about as entertaining as you could want and I got to cast instead of drop.

Becky ran off and left me to feed the cat and hold down the fort, so I'm right back out there again in the morning to see if they will bite at the dam like that.

Merry Christmas Ya'll











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Should have stayed n bed.  There are shad from 30' to 130'  I struggled with 2 swimmer keepers and 1/2 dozen shorts.  Caught ever one of them either swimming a grub to surfacing fish or throwing a jigging spoon to surfacing fish, that were to far to throw the grub.  Those chasers would without a doubt hit a top water lure.

Surface temp 49 degree, visibility 20' conditions calm and slick.  Fished from Gages to Beardsley Branch, but of course did not enter the creek due to licensing obligations.

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