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Never enough net... Until now.

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I don't know about that 2-net system you got there - I can imagine a future Taney report:

"I had been fishing jerk baits for 27 straight hours without a bite.  But finally, at 2 AM I hooked a MONSTER brown.  After a 45 minute fight, I finally got the beast close enough to net, I needed to hurry as I could see that the line above the lure was frayed and could break at any moment and I could not afford to let the giant brown (I estimate it weighed at least 25 lbs.), make another lunge, it was now or never.  I held the rod in my left hand as I reached around to unhook the net from my back.  After 30 seconds of fumbling around, I pulled the net free, only to realize I had grabbed my butterfly net!  I yelled @#*&^ as I tossed the BF net far out into the river and started the process of trying to free my handcrafted big boy net.

I again reached around to my back and started trying to free the big net, fortunately the HUGE brown seemed to be pretty tired from the lengthy fight and didn't make any moves.  I succeeded in unclipping the net after a few minutes of fumbling around (my fingers were frozen, it was 14 degrees out there at 2 AM), and as I reached for the net handle, it dropped into the swift flowing current and started to float away!

I had to make a split second decision, let my net drift away to vanish in the night, or break off the fish of a lifetime in order to save my net."

I decided to....



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1 hour ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

Why do you need a net for stockers???

Jerk baits... Darn trebbles are a pain at night. Jigs I usually just pop them off, I'll net them too if it's a decent fish or if it has really pretty colors so I can take a quick pic.

QB that's a great choose your own adventure story LOL.  Prolly not too far off the mark of what will happen either :)

I don't think I'll end up running both at the same time, just getting a feel for it if I decided to.  You never know though, you can never have enough net...




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