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I fished it on the 28th and it was clear but about 5 inches high in the area I was fishing. The river was up and muddy so I think it was backing the creek up.  A buddy showed up with his daughter and his 8 year old grandson. I spent the first couple of hours taking pictures of fish they were catching. That little guy was a trooper, 31 degrees was the high for the day and he stayed right with it. Mom did good for about 3 hours then went to the truck to read a book. 

Now Monday the 31st was a different stream altogether. Don't know how much rain overnight. When I got to the park around 11:30 there was a mudline just starting about the holland dam. I went to the outlet in zone 2 knowing that some good fish might be moving out of the main current. The ankle deep water was already knee deep. I kept moving up with the water rising catching one fish after another for a solid 3 hrs. No good fish like I hoped for, but did hook and lose a nice brown around 3lbs. As the water got higher it also was filtering through the hatchery and eventually the outlet was muddy. At 3:30 I call it quits and took a stoll towards the whistle bridge. The high water was already spilling over it. I drove up to the spring on the way out. Spring was running clear but the dry creek bed was pumping muddy water over the slab. It was mixing together at the holland dam. Ended the 2018 season with a fun day of fishing. 

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