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Lots of boats over the weekend

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thank guys for the reports, I was hoping to go w/ Dad but there was so much debris on the lake where he keeps his boat we didn't want to risk hitting something, and we've been out all day in the past to come back to a slip filled with debris and you can't even get near the docks . maybe in a few days it will sink and we'll try it.  

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 The quality of bass has been steadily increasing  from my exp. I've noticed a lot more bigger largemouth in the last couple years. The smallies are coming on strong too! Man, there for a while back when the lmbv virus was around you could win 1st place w/ 9 or 10 lbs in a night tournament. Sometimes even less.. I've seen the worst of times and now seeing the effects of past high water spawns, just AWESOME!

  I haven't fished a T on Bull in YEARS. Fished a lot of them from the late 80's  thru 2005. 

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