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Chiefs - AFC championship game

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27 minutes ago, Flysmallie said:

I feel sorry for St. Louis Rams fans. Heck I was sad when the Cardinals left and I didn't really care that much about NFL football at that point. But as football fans you suck. Baseball? You got that covered like a mf'er. I remember going and there being more KC fans in the place than STL fans. I think the last time I went was 2011 or 2012. We only went because one of the princesses high school bands played half time. Place was full of STL fans. But it was like being at the movie when they are playing the commercials, and trivia, and bs but it's okay because everybody is talking and chatting and checking their phone. But it's not commercials and trivia in the background it's an NFL FOOTBALL GAME!! We were on the 30 yd line 8 rows off the field and had a quiet conversation during the game. Most people around that rarely looked up from their phones. That doesn't happen in KC. You get down close to the field and they are getting their butts kicked and it still sounds like your standing next to a jet engine. It happens in Carolina. It happens in Washington. I've seen high school football games that were more exciting than that. Hell I have played high school football in more exciting environments than that. 

But I feel bad because no matter what anyone did that douche of an owner was leaving with his team and nothing was going to stop him. I've disliked the Rams for a very long time. Way before they ever went to St. Louis. But I want them to lose the Super Bowl because Stan Kroenke is the owner. 

I don' think the Rams have many fans in LA either, when the Cowboys played them, there looked to be more Cowboy fans in the stands than Ram fans.  

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2 hours ago, Flysmallie said:

But I want them to lose the Super Bowl because Stan Kroenke is the owner. 

He's the primary reason that I dislike Walmart in Columbia so much. He owns about a third of the land in that city and would raise property lease rates of his competitors. He would strong arm the city council folks to raise taxes to pay for roadwork to his stores.

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