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Bill Babler

January 19th. Lake Report

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3 hours ago, BilletHead said:


               Christmas dinner 2018 :) . Fat wild mallard with crispy skin!


Used to grill salmon steaks using one of those deals like you have that duck in.  Baste it with melted butter, very tasty.

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6 hours ago, Bill Babler said:

You just knocked out Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner all over the world.  Tell your wife not to use bacon, mushroom soup or onions in any of those dishes and she will probably tell you to go fishing.

But that’s to enhance the taste of dishes not to disguise them and none of that stuff goes on the actual bird!  

Heck, I seldom even put gravy on turkey!  It tastes great all by itself. 

I stand by my statement! 😘

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