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2019 Garden Thread

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Mountain spring tomato accented with moss rose. Planted a little early so shes kinda stunted


A few Belgian pinks started from last years seed harvest. 


These Belgians are my favorite  🍅 



Mystery potato leaf from a seed mix. With zinnias 



More maters. And a few red and green bell peppers hiding in there too. 




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Nice looking gardens folks! Our perennials have largely been overcome by shade or crowded out evergreen growth. And, I reduced the size of some beds last year to make maintenance easier. Not much to see any more, except for what we have in pots.

In the fruit and veggie world, things are looking up. We suffered an abysmal spring due to wabbit infestation. I got essentially zero lettuce, and only a few radishes. Beans were mowed to the ground, and I had a lot of space devoted to them. Added more maters to fill some space and they're all strong and healthy, without any disease so far. Won't have any by the 4th, but pretty happy with where things stand. Wabbit seems to have tired of herbs so they're getting some size. May transfer them out of pots and into the main garden since I still have a bunch of open space. Ruby kilt a waskelly wabbit last weekend, so we're a little better off.

Got a descent crop of gooseberries this year, but they didn't want to turn to the blush/brown color they usually get to for some reason. So they got picked more green than usual. Much more firm and tart than I'm used to. 

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