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2019 Official Ozark Anglers BASS Fantasy Fishing League

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OA members,

After some deliberation between the greatest minds on the OA boards (myself, Quillback, Homer, Plato and Socrates) we have decided to continue forth with the OA BASS Fantasy Fishing. As you are all aware, BASS had quite the shakeup at the end of last year with most of the field leaving for MLF's circuit. A few familiar faces but lots of new blood within the BASS Elites.

For those that have already participated with us in years past, you know the drill. Entry to the league is one bait ($5-10 bait is the norm) to be sent to winners at years end. Everyone sends a bait, including winners. Only some RECEIVE baits who finish near the top of the standings (winners determined by amount of entrants). It has typically gone well with a few exception of slackers. If any winners from last year did not receive a bait from the member list that was posted at the end of the season please PM me. Those that did not send a bait will not be allowed to enter the league for the 2019 season until they have made good with whom they owe. 

For those who are new or interested in joining please click here: http://bassmasterfantasy.com  and register a team.  Please use the same user name there as you do here on Ozark Anglers as it's just easier for everyone involved.

After registering or for those who have existing accounts, go to the "Join A Group" section along the headers of the page. Find the Ozark Anglers group which will be private. Join the group. Easy as that. You will need the password to join the group as we do not want a bunch of randoms entering the league. PM me and I will give you the password to the league.

Any questions feel free to post here on this thread.

Let's have a great year.



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38 minutes ago, Royal Blue said:

Oh man...I forgot to send my bait!  Can someone re-post the list of who I owed? 

Alright guys. The season has indeed concluded and congrats to our winners. Below is the list of members and who owes who.  Send whatever you are comfortable sending and please try to do it in a reasonable amount of time. Please don't wait MONTHS to send them. Baits between $5-10 is the norm. Please PM the person that you are sending a bait to and get their address. Let me know if anyone has questions or problems and thanks again for participating in another fun year of fantasy fishing.

1 swelbo1  -  S. Welborn 9 baits
Senders to swelbo1:
SplitG2  -  D. Young
Royal Blue  -  P. Baum
Lvn2fish  -  C. Spinks
goose919  -  G. Anderson
Cheesemaster  -  C. Hunt
rogueagent  -  T. Enke
Ketchup  -  J. Leads
TRRanger  -  T. Reaka
aarchdale  -  A. Archdale

2 fozzype  -  B. Foster 6 baits + 3 AOY Close Guess Winner = 9 Baits
Senders to Fozzype:
abkeenan  -  B. Keenan
Targa98  -  N. Hass
kansasskeeter  -  A. Roberts
176champion  -  B. Phillips
crazy4fishin  -  B. Turner
Nomolites  -  M. OToole
wmander  -  W. Andersen

3 dwiebenga  -  D. Wiebenga  5 baits
Senders to dwiebenga:
Quillback  -  J. Rhodes
supremeJCK  -  J. Keenan
Bassmaster1  -  J. johnson
AaronPorter  -  A. Porter

4 Falcon215  -  C. Thomas  3 Baits
Senders to Falcon215:
basfis  -  D. Reader
Slothman  -  R. Lewis

5 Champ 188  -  J. Gilzow  2 Baits
Senders to Champ188:
moguy1973  -  J. Horrom

6 SethOAF  -  S. Turner 2 Baits
Senders to SethOAF:
likinmo  -  G. Littrell

7 SoreThumbs  -  J. Mitchell 1 Bait
Sender to SoreThumbs:

8 aarchdale  -  A. Archdale 1 Bait
Sender to aarchdale:

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