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Trout on the fly at night

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I’ve posted in the past.....years ago. I still fish with a few really awesome guys I met on here. I still fish for trout at night almost every week. I’ve developed some new techniques while learning the bite under different conditions. I’ll post some pics. I’ll answer some questions. 




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nice pictures, I've been known to fly fish for bass at night; it's a different world after the lights go out.  Where are the secret fly recipes?

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Just now, tjm said:

I used to fish there a lot because it was pretty close for after work, as I recall it is hard to wade.

Not when the generation is off. Lots of gravel to wade. The problem with beaver is that table rock is right there so it reduces the amount of river you have when the lake is up.  However table rock pumps the eyes in during the spring. 


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