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snagged in outlet 3

Trout opener article in the St Louis Post

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1 hour ago, Old plug said:

I went to to the one at Maramec Springs several times when we had Family in the area. Was not anything to write home about. I caught a lot bigger in the Huzzah creek in early spring than I ever did down there by rolling a 6 inch plastic worm over the bottom.   

How long ago was that because that place has changed a lot just in the past few years. I lost interest in going down there a few years back because the fish they stocked were tiny. The average size is better now than it has been in a while though. It has been easy to catch limits of trout that averaged well over a pound the past few years.

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I guess around 55 yrs ago. Wife family settled that area Between Leasburg and Steelville. Nobody left since the early 70s. They sure had a colorful run down there. Everything from A circuit riding baptist minister too Missouri Red leg and Quantrell. 

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