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2/3/19 Fiahing Report

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I took my daughter fishing today. I think we fished about 4 hours. Since I did so poorly on the White yesterday and since she wanted to get a bigger trout than last time (Christmas Day), I took her to Norfork. 

Parking lot had no other boat trailers when we got there, but a couple of knuckleheads in the way. I get that it’s fun to bank fish, but don’t block the boat ramp. Just saying.

I let her get a few warm up fish in the slower water near Gene’s trout dock. I could fish there too and caught a 1/2 dozen or so. I only cast a handful of times below there. 

Chloe got a decent Rainbow with a big Chestnut Lamprey attached. She was appropriately disgusted with the lamprey. She refreshed her casting skills and caught a couple more fish and away we went.

We dropped down into Long Hole and first cast at a micro eddy she hooks a Big Cutthroat in high current. She did a good job and got him in. We pulled over and got some good pictures. That sort of set the stage. I guided her letting her cast into small back eddies. She hooked quite a few and landed probably a dozen or so all day. 

She had a 17 inch Cutthroat and a 16 inch Rainbow. She lost a pretty decent Brown, but did catch a smallish male Brown. I really hoped she could get a Brook Trout and complete the Slam, but it did not happen. 

She’s a natural at fishing like her Mom and lives and dies on every hookset like her Daddy. She got pretty aggravated with the fish that came off, but was so Happy with the ones she caught. (You could take a lesson from this John ).

I look forward to our next father/daughter trip. Smallies this Spring is on the Schedule. 


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5 minutes ago, Dutch said:

Good goin' there.  Some nice trout.  Did you keep any to eat?

No Sir! If I enjoyed eating them, I would keep s few from time to time. Sadly, I just don’t enjoy eating them. 

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