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Jim Spriggs

Back-to-back PB smallies

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I haven’t posted in a while. But, yesterday’s outing was a big one for me. I launched in the afternoon and jetted through pelting rain to chase smallies.  The conditions seemed good for some bigger fish to be out feeding.  And, the Meramec River did not disappoint. On consecutive casts, I caught a 20.25” and then a 20.5”, breaking my previous Meramec PB of 20” and 4.2#.   My scale decided to not work, so I don’t have weights on these two fishThe bigger one looked like a real warrior—it’s jaws were scarred up and had a bunch of holes.

What did I catch them on, you ask?  The new HD Hellgrammites (green pumpkin) on a shakey head jig.  I bought a few packs at Denny Dennis in Fenton.  


So, thanks Tackle HD for helping me catch (and release) truly awesome fish!



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