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Couple Hours on Little Patuxent MD

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My Betterhalf and Livie wanted to meet some friends at the Savage Mill, a cotton mill converted to an indoor mall and antique center. The old mill is on the banks of the Little Patuxent river in Savage Maryland. The antique center had some great finds. Only got through a small part of the shop. There were a couple of eclectic shops, a couple of restaurants and a French style bakery and coffee shop. Also there is a fly shop. I only saw it after my fishing trip. Though my Betterhalf did talk with the owner and got the scoop on the river fishing while I was out on the river.

The river is one that is stocked with rainbow trout, which occurred earlier this week. Looking at the regulations, it looked like fly gear and artificial lures including non-scented soft plastics are acceptable baits. I started fishing a tri-olive Zig Jig in some fast water at the head of a pool next to the mill. No luck. Moved upstream to a longer hole. There was a guy fishing on the opposite bank, He was telling a couple of guys up stream that he had caught a dozen today.


I put on a 1/32 oz tube jig head with a green pumpkin slider body with a chartreuse paddle tail. I made a couple of shorter casts, retrieved with slight pulls on the rod just to get some action from the tail, and got nothing. I made a longer cast downstream in some deeper water using the same retrieve, and as the bait swung closer to the bank down stream I got a hit and landed my first rainbow. My first in Maryland. Not a very large fish, but I wasn't skunked.



I went further upstream to a hole above a narrow and fast run of water. There was a 4 to 5 foot waterfall at the head of the pool.


Also a couple of guys fishing. So I started at the tail of the pool and switched to a white/chartreuse trout magnet and caught another rainbow. The two guys left and I moved closer to the falls. I also switched reels to fish with 2# line instead of the 4# I had been using. I also switched to a black back and green bellied trout magnet body. I got a good hard bite. The fish fought much harder that the rainbows. It was a nice heavy fallfish my first of the year!


Only caught three fish in just under two hours on a new body of water. The wind picked up and I head back to meet my Betterhalf and Livie to grab a hot tea. I will definitely be back to explore this creek some more.


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7 minutes ago, JestersHK said:

Hopefully that place isn't too far from ya.  Looks like a great little spot!

About 70 miles from the house. Seems like it gets a fair amount of pressure. Definitely not a backwoods stretch of water. Fortunately some parts surrounded by state park lands.

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26 minutes ago, fishinwrench said:

Beautiful 😍

Where did they come up with the names for those eastern rivers?  Heavy on the Indians I reckon.

Native American mixed with old English. There was a Kent Fort in a nearby town by us that dates back to 1631 when they kicked out the indigenous folks.

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