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Phil Lilley

Yes it's True... Shad!

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This isn't a false alarm.  There are shad coming through the turbines at Table Rock Dam.  Reported to me via FB Messenger, Tyler Paulsell told me he caught a bunch of trout last evening on white and they were spitting up shad.  He also saw shad in the water.

Duane and I boated to the dam a little before noon today.  Had to see for ourselves.  No boats!  Only one gull and he was diving.

We made 3 passes.  Used 1/8th oz white jigs, 4-pound line.  Duane caught 6 rainbows on the first drift - I caught 3 I think.  Did catch a nice rainbow.


The other drifts were not as productive.  The wind is out of the east and with 4 units cranking, it's tough to get and keep a jig on the bottom.

In this video, notice Duane isn't cranking much at all.  

No way to tell how long this will last.  May not a day, may be a week.  But they should be taking white jigs and other shad-like lures for a while.





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I can't wait to see how he does dragging cranks this week. Hopefully the fiesta lasts till next weekend! All these white jigs I'm fixing to tie better not be for naught! :lol:

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