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Travis Swift

New State Record Brown Trout caught today

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I'm sure Phil will be long this evening but is tied up at the moment. Paul Crews caught the new state record brown in Phil's tournament today. I believe it was 40 inches long, 38 inch girth and weights officially at 34.6 pounds which smashes rhe the old record of 28.12.  From what I'm hearing they are 99% sure it was "frank". Looks like at this point "frank" is doing really well and will be released alive. Congrats to Paul and all the hard working folks at Lilleys for doing all they can to keep him alive. It appears he was caught in the short creek area on a sculpin jig.  It was captured on video and looks like it took their boat for quite a ride all over the lake to get him landed! 


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Yep, Duane told me he swam off strong.  Not sure if Paul is on here, but Ryan if you see him again tell him congrats on an amazing catch.

Can only imagine that was a long 20min Battle.

Thanks for all of you guys who helped keep him alive.

Them say thar be sea monsters in the deep!


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20 minutes ago, JestersHK said:

Took this last September.  I'll have to try and compare the markings, but think that's him


Body built by a full diet of rainbows😁.

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