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Phil Lilley

New Missouri State Record Brown Trout, 2/23/19

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2 hours ago, Seth said:

He didn't realize what he had until it was in the net. When Paul first hooked up, he saw the fish swim under his boat and thought he had a 4 pound fish. Later in the fight, he said they saw a glimpse of the tail and then thought it was possibly a 10# class fish. That takes "small eyeing" a fish to a new level! :D

I need to learn that method LOL.  I bet it kept his undies clean instead of realizing he had a Behemoth sea monster hooked up :)



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29 minutes ago, Bgctrading said:

A guy on Missouri whitetails believes he caught this fish 3 weeks ago in the same area and it broke him off around a tree stump could anyone verify if it had a previous hook mark in its mouth?

That would be me. I actually did get to personally inspect the new state record fishes mouth and I did not find a #6 circle hook in it so I can't confirm that it was the same fish. Whatever monster dad had hooked and fought for nearly 10 minutes was within a few hundred yards of where the record was hooked and landed. The way dads fish acted and how the record acted in the video of the fight were incredibly similar as well. It's possible it was different fish, but we've never fought anything that compared to how that fish felt and we've been fishing Taneycomo for nearly 30 years with trout up to 10lbs to our credit. It's such a coincidence that this monster was caught in such close proximity in such a short time frame.

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